August 17, 2009

Building a wooden box ...

for shipping artwork. One of my new artworks 'Circle of life' (you can see it on the right hand) has to be shipped to the Netherlands in a few days to be exhibited at 'Survival' exhibition at Oog voor natuur wildlife art gallery in Opheusden / NL.
I made my first boxes for ship
ping out of cardboard, but this material will not be strong enough to protect your artwork and in case your artwork will be shipped back after the exhibition a wooden box is the better choice.
I use two masonite boards which are about 10 cm / 4 inch larger than the artwork. Also a wooden slat cut in four pieces, two as long as the length of the board and two which are twice the size smaller than the thickness of the slat. I also use a power-screwdriver, a lot of screws and a permanent Edding to mark which srews have to be unscrewed to open the box.

I fix one of the longer slats to the masonite board using screws and a power screwdriver, after that I go on with one of the shorter slats, then the second longer slat for the third side. With two screws at each side I fix shorter and longer slats together at the corners for stabilization.

I fix the second masonite board on top of the slats, and then I've got a wooden box which is open on one side, this will be the removable lid ...

I always wrap the artwork as good as possible with bubble wrap and protection for the corners of the frame. I attach at minimum of two printed labels with name, address, phonenumber and e-mail to front and back of the box which contain information of the place of origin as well as the addressee.

This boxes are very strong and can travel back and forth without any damage to box and artwork ...

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