August 09, 2009

Starting the nuthatch artwork

This will be the artwork of a nuthatch taking of a branch. I did a little sketching on the canvas to have everything correctly in place. This artwork will be 12"x12" done in watercolour on stretched canvas. Early in the year I took the reference photographs at some scenic fluvial topography of the danube river which runs directly through Viennas City, where I live. The nuthatch artwork will be part of a series of artworks which I will paint to illustrate a magazines article about wildlife in a city. There is a lot of wildlife in big cities, much more than you would expect. Have a look at places with water, like ponds in parks or riversides. Watching wildlife is a fantastic thing to do. Sometimes you only have to stand still and wait some time until everything around you has settled. The animals will go back to their daily business and you will have the great chance to watch.

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